Sunday, 10 February 2008

My experiences in the lion city - Singapore # 3

On our third day at Singapore we shopped at Bugis street, one of my favourite haunts at Singapore for the different shopping experience it has to offer. This place is decked up with small shops selling stuffs ranging from trendy street wear, souveniers to hawker centre. The prices of products here is comparitivley less than other places. More than that it all depends on your bargaining skills.

The closest MRT station is the Bugis MRT, which was about 15mins away from the place we stayed, we took a MRT to City hall from Somerset and took the EW line MRT to reach Bugis.

I would say this place should be a must on every tourists/shoppers must visit list for the completley different street shopping experience the place has to offer compared to the malls in the city.

The tender coconuts they sell here (Singapore) are very tasty and helps a veggie like me survive in S'pore. They are imported from Thailand and you can find them in most parts of Singapore. A healthy and a refreshing way to beat the tropical climate.

There are numerous hawker centres in the bugis area but it is kinda hard to find out veggie food stuff so we headed to Little India and we tried out the "Banana leaf" restaurant and opted for the traditional full meal :) (ya, that's how I grinned when I saw the pallete as well )

After lunch we did a little more shopping at Bugis mall, adjacent to the Bugis MRT where we picked up a couple of leather goods. After which we headed to our room to refresh our selves for the night's adventure.

We planned to go to the night Safari , it was an hour journey - A MRT to Ang mo kio and then we took the 138 bus to the zoo.

It was a completley new experience to see the animal life in night. We reached the place a little late than we had planned, so missed out on the tribal show :( . But luckily we were able to catch up with "Creatures of the night show" with a fox, Huge snake , Owl and a few more night animals. It was fun except for the snake which made me completley go pale when I found out that it was put in a box jus' few steps behind us in the amphitheatre .. After all the fun and adventure we took the Orchard to Night safari express bus and returned back to our hotel.

That is how my third day at S'pore went by. To read my first and second day experiences click here.


Vasanthan said...

Bugis junction is one of my favorite places.uyo did a lot of traveling going to bugis and the night safari that same day. seems adventurous!

di.di said...

sorry about not visiting your blog lately.. I don't like bugis street but still *heart* Bugis Junction... when you can watch lots of little kids getting all wet while playing in the water fountains... priceless...

--xh-- said...

wow, taht was sure fun time at s'pore :)

preetilata said...

really...nw m jealous of u gal :P

nice post...n d pics r so yummm... :D

Solitaire said...

I love Singapore. I am jealous.

Gayathri said...

Oh my god u have great snaps and have seen so much here in singapore. so did u like it here...i m yet to go shopping in bugis..must b interesting . gr8 blog shalini

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Thank you so much! Bugis is a lovely place to shop for.. I loved my experience there compared to the malls as I could see the culture of S'pore in places like Bugis.

Thanks for dropping by.Will visit your blog soon :)

Shionge said...

You did so much in Singapore Shalini and gald you enjoyed shopping at Bugis.

My HQ is just across the other end, Gateway Office, did you come across that?

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


I don' really remember coming across Gateway Office, may be the next time I'm there. I will try to locate it :)

Yup, Singapore is an amazing place. My few days there was actually packed with numerous activities, but loved every bit of it :)