Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Tag time again!!

I guess it is a season of tags, everytime I drop into my blog I find atleast one new addition to be added to my long list of pending tags which I guess will take it up soon :)

As for this one, Lena over at Smile!Tomorrow could be a lot worse has tagged me to list out the things I love and hate.

I love:

- to dance
- taking long walks in the beach
- sunrise / sunset
- being around with my loved ones
- it when I get a day break from the usual busy life
- to meet my school friends
- Chocolates and pastries
- Crispy dosas when I'm hungry
- to make friends around the globe
- Babies
- Dreaming
- to make my dreams come true
- getting mails and gifts
- to surprise people and also get surprises
and the list jus' goes on .....

I hate:

- And people who trouble me.

Can't really think of much things for the hate list .. Guess that is a good sign as I like most of the things in this world :)

I tag everyone on my blogroll to take up this tag as it makes one feel good while writing about the things you love :) . Others who would like to take it up are more than welcome to do so. Would love to read your tags, plz drop in a comment so that I can be there to read yours :)


lalitha said...

hey my likes includes: sunset, maths, family, my best friends, yoga, good health, long walks in the evening, smiles and prayers.

preetilata said...

hi dear. the love list n hate list reflects the beauty of ur hrt. alwys rmn the same. u r incredibaly beautiful.

lv u.
tk cr
:) :) :)

(pls remove this word verification dear..plzzzzzzzz)

--xh-- said...

nice love/hate list. poor snakes..why do u hate them? they r so clean and nice. i love snakes...

Sandhya said...


its nice to know more abt u.

have a nice day...