Saturday, 6 October 2007

These are a few of my favourite things....

I used to love the movie 'Sound of Music' when I was a kid and I still do. The whole idea of remembering your favourite things when your sad or jus' low in life , I thought was a fabulous idea.. And it has never put me down in my low times and has always made me smile :) ..Each of us will have our list of favourite things and here are mine ...

1.Happy old memories
3.Long chats with friends
4.New bags and bag shopping
5.Long drives
7.Meeting up with your childhood best friend
8.Remembering birthdays and Anniversaries
9.Weekend shopping with parents
10.Special song that means something to you
11.Old photo albums / childhood pics
12.Long bus journeys to college(I'm gonna miss them soon :( )
13.Eating during class hours and getting caught
14.Rain drizzles
15.School annual days
17.Singing in the bathroom
18.Movie marathons
19.Hot delicious food when your jus' so hungry
20.Ice creams and Milkshakes
21.Taking hours to finish a chocolate, licking it slowly :p
22.Waiting for the weekends
24.The early morning sunshine that falls inside the room
25.Long talks with my boy friend
26.Family vacations
27.Getting more marks in a subject you least expected
29.Books that you cant keep them down before reading it fully
30.Cooking with friends
31.Amusment parks
32.Excursions when in school and deciding on what to bring for the day to eat and play for almost weeks before the event
33.Teasing friends with their crushes
34.Waiting to get aglimpse of your crush during the breaks
35.Carefully choosing the birthday dress to be worn to school
36.Compliments from people you least expected from
37.Feeling great at the end of a performance
38.Happy people
39.Morning tea with the news paper in hand
40.Long hours of blissful sleep
41.Making lists
42.When your hand made gift turns out to be wonderful
43.Getting letters from your loved ones
44.Perfumes/Perfumed candles
46.When you do something for the first time
47.An all girls day out
49.Watching Travel&Living for hours together.
50.Being remembered

Writing this made me feel jus'so good.If any of you would like to take this topic for your blog your more than welcome to do so..But please drop a message in my comment box, so that I can visit your blogs..

I will come up with Part 2 of this list soon :) Have a great weekend everyone !


akanksha said...

Wow wt a post!!!! really enjoyed reading it:-)

KAYLEE said...


Shalini Gowrisankar said...

Thanks Akanksha :)

Sure Kaylee..

Drama Div@ said...

I love your list, gal...

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

Thanks Diva :)