Tuesday, 9 October 2007

I signed up for Pay per post

It was during one of the blog hopping sessions, I came to know about Pay per post. Out of curiosity I wanted to know what this thing was all about and after going through the contents at their website , I was fully satisfied that it was a genuine site and I also saw a few of my blogger friends where into PPP for quite sometime now . This also gave a thought on why shouldn't I try this out and here I am.. I've jus' signed up for my account and waiting for the approval,in the mean time I found this opportunity on the way of making a post about PPP , so here I am with it.

It was a few months back when I started blogging, initially I was a little skeptical if my posts would be accepted and will I have readers for my blog and the sweet surprise was I did and infact many of them from all corners of the world.

Why should I be paid for blogging??
I love blogging and its the easiest way for a student like me, for whom otherwise earning at this point in my life would be a hard task with all college work in hand and very little time otherwise.

With the earnings I get from PPP I would like to buy a few stuffs from ebay for me as well as my family and friends and I also intend in donating for the less priviledged people through the option available in pay pal.


akanksha said...

Does it really work???

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

I suppose , I ve jus signed up seeing a few of the blog friends.. They do say it works ..

I have been asked to write a post for them to review my blog and approve it.. Guess it may take a weeks time . I willleyt you know if things work out to be fine :)

praveen said...

All the best... :D

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Great.Add me in the list



Sudhakar said...

Good ideas.BUt does the adsense ,pay pal etc really work.