Saturday, 27 October 2007

I'm into PayPerPost

Here I am again with a post on PayPerPost , but this time im all excited and happy as my blog has been approved by PPP . And I jus' have loads of opportunities in hand(my inbox in PPP) to blog about. Like I already said this is a cool and a helpuful site which pays for blogging about various products and services on offer in your blog space.

I think its a lovely way to earn some additional income with the little time available in hand after all the day to day works and running around.

I came across PayPerPost in a few of my blog friend's blogs and idea of getting paid for what you love doing the most (blogging) sounded fabulous.. So, I signed up for it right away and after a months time my blog has been approved , a license for me to earn some bucks..

With the additional income I get , I'm planning to get stuffs for me , my family and friends apart from donating to the needy.. I also have an idea of getting a few stuffs for give away to my blog friends as this could not have been possible without them.. But, jus' waiting to get started with PPP in full spree .

Apart form earning, its also a wonderful opportunity to gain some knowledge on the products/services we blog on, which might turn out to be useful somewhere or the other.. In this post I would also like to thank my blog friends who helped me know more about PayPerPost though I was a little skeptical in the beginning as it took a months time for my blog to get the approval.

All the bloggers out there make a wonderful use of this opportunity to make some extra bucks in your free time and most of all doing what you love doing the most , How many of us really love our jobs? Here is one waiting for you..


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