Thursday, 5 April 2012

Summer Time !

End of March .. early April .. I always get excited when summer approaches. It is not approaching anymore, its already there !

Couple of years back, summer meant holidays, friends, family, outing and all the nice things in life. It was a big break from books and doing the routine of going to school / college. It was the time of the year that was most awaited :)

I still cannot contain the excitement when I come to hear of summer vacation, though it significantly doesn't change much to my routine. Today was one such day, when one of my colleague was discussing about summer camp activities for his 5 year old son. I with all my excitement suggested skating, swimming etc.. making me realize how much I miss summer as a kid.

Over the years, I have always made a list of things of what summer meant to me !! So, here it is for Summer of 2012 !

  • MANGO, I wish I get to savor some Pathuri mangoes this year as well
  • Birthdays ... including mine ;)
  • IPL
  • Garnished curd rice with pickle .. nothing can taste better in summer, this is turning out to be my staple morning meal
  • series of 3 day weekends for almost a month
  • Lots of new ice cream parlors  in the city that I am waiting to visit 
  • PANI PURI, I get pani puri craving during summer. And thankfully the most famous pani puri walla of Chennai is very close to my work place :) . Its already 3 continuous days that I have been visiting the pani puri shop *slurrrp*
  • Loads of chocolate making !!
  • Learn something new
  • And the never ending power cuts and this is only getting worse every year
Now, did that list just contain things that I am planning to eat for the next couple of months :D 

What are you doing this SUMMER ??


Anonymous said...

Being away from India, I was quite fortunate to enjoy Alphonso mangoes a fortnight ago, and they were simply delectable. Always limit my mango consumption, as it gives me a bad cough!

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Ah! Nice .. I am waiting for mangoes to arrive in Chennai :)

Mangoes and cough, I'm hearing about it for the first time. May be you should try having tender coconut or lassi after eating mangoes, they are just like coolants :)

Samar said...

Summer truly has its own awesome charm. :)