Sunday, 22 April 2012

Happy Earth Day !

Nature is beautiful and most the time I get to realize this when we are out on a hill holiday or a beach destination, but I am sure every place has a beauty and charm of its own..

It's always good to use resources wisely and to the need, I just got this into me because of the frequent power shortages in the city and the almost day long power cuts across various towns in Tamil Nadu which I came to realise when I visited Trichy and Mayiladuthurai last month.

My little bit to our beautiful Earth ..

  1. I am going to take my own shopping bag, else carry stuff I buy in hand. Its no to plastic covers!!
  2. I am getting a non-plastic water bottle to carry water every day and stop buying Aquafina and Bisleri bottles as much as I can 
  3. Car pool, I have been very successfully doing this as much as I can and would continue doing it :)
  4. Switch off unused lights and fans 
Small contribution by each of us, would surely make a big difference :) 

Happy Earth day ! 


Sudhakar said...

Happy earth day Shalini.

Sundu said...

Good Shalu.

There is a beautiful Native American saying about Earth:

"It is NOT that we inherited this earth from our parents but have borrowed it from our kids".

KG said...


in Landmark, Max, Tata bazaar and as well Big shop, Nilgiris they started charging for plastic. More shops added to the list now?

Anonymous said...

Somehow, missing you.....I hope "all is well"....