Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Kaustav weds Ritu

For almost couple of months a huge bunch of us were waiting for February to arrive, as couple of our friends from college were getting married to each other and it was in Kolkata :) what better reason to visit Kolkata ? And it was also my first visit to the land of Golgappa.

Kolkatta happened to be a 19th century city with 21st century cars. I strongly believe it is the people who make the place, in that sense we had a nightmare getting to reach out hotel from the airport. With recommendations from people to take a cab from airport, we booked one and were told we would reach our hotel in about 45 mins and it took us close to 3 ours to reach the place (the cab driver was very unfriendly, he decided to drop us off midway telling us the hotel was at walking distance and the road to the hotel has been made one way ) . With amma's broken Hindi we kinda managed to find the route and reached the hotel room with a layer of dust and pollution covered face :) :)

Sigh! but, that was about the bad part of our Kolkata trip.

This trip to me meant relaxing in the hotel with mom, attending the wedding and visit my cousin if her place is not too far away from where we were ! I was too tired with work that I just wanted to relax and even shopping didnt seem to interest me.

Day 1: 

After the horrible ride from airport to the hotel, Amma and I settled for lunch with Roti, aloo subzi, vegetable coins (this tasted yummy) and lassi *Slurrp*.

Did I say "even shopping didn't interest me" ?? Well, ya that was only until I reached the hotel, after lunch we headed to a nearby mall, just to see how malls looked like in Kolkatta ;) ;) and I came across an interesting shop - Chocolates by Manju sethiya which made us get couple of boxes of gourmet chocolates. They were really good, but not great. I loved the clothes stores in Kolkatta !!

By evening, we were at our room and were getting ready for the late night wedding. This was the first time I was attending a north Indian wedding. Friends from Hyderabad, banagalore, Kolkatta, Chennai meeting after almost a year .. need we say more, we missed a lot of others who couldn't make it to the wedding. But, I am glad I was able to make it. Thanks to amma who accompanied me, else I wouldn't have been able to be part of the wedding pics of 2 of my good friends :) :)

The wedding rituals extended into the early hours of the following day, I could control my sleep until about 2 am post which we decided to get back to the hotel.

Day 2:

We had our flight back to Chennai at 6 in the evening. And also thinking about the traffic snail in Kolkatta we decided on making it to the airport by 4:30pm. However, I was also looking to meet my cousin who I haven't met for a decade now and thankfully her place was not too far from where we stayed. We were there for a very brief time as Kolkatta traffic was very un predictable, but that little sometime made so much difference to all of us.

I should say it is so good meeting family and friends, because I feel after a point we don't really make as much friends we made while in school or college :) :)

I was a happy girl with loads of beautiful memories that I carried back with me from Kolkatta :)


Anonymous said...

I hope you are happy to know that you look your best (i.e. at your prettiest) in all the time, you should choose to stay at one of the smaller guest houses in Salt Lake area, as it is quieter, less polluted, and generally, easier to handle. After all, Park Street is only 1/2 hour by taxi away.

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Thanks a lot :) I will remember to book my accomadation in areas around salt lake the next time I visit Kolkatta.

This was my first visit to the place, and I was clueless.