Sunday, 13 November 2011

Lunch Box !!

I have always associated lunch box with school times .. and thinking about the lunch breaks we had when in school, those really are special memories ..

Trying to hide and have lunch during the maths class .. when you are asked an answer when your mouth is full with roti and subzi .. I'm still grinning like crazy when I am writing these lines, thinking of the fun times with lunch boxes in school ..

We always happened to have  a multi-cuisine lunch ranging from roti - channa to puttu - kadala curry to thepala with imli chutney to sambar rice with appalam .. the list is endless.

After about six years of missing the fun of taking lunch from home .. Im back to having home cooked food for lunch .. Its yet again time for multi-cuisine lunch times :) :)

I am also thinking of preparing my own lunch, but now really sure how good that would turn out and primarily depends on me getting up early ?!?! to prepare the food :)

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karthik s said...

lunches are always fun. and there's nothin more satisfing than self made food. just made chicken kebab for lunch so i guess i am speaking from experience. ;)
btw, its supposed to be LIKE and DISLIKE. not UNLIKE. grammatically speaking. but i guess the UNLIKE/DISLIKE option is not quite necessary on ur blog. i mean, who wouldnt like your posts. ;) :)