Monday, 9 May 2011

Ko - Movie Review * No spoiler*

I would say "Ko" is one of the best movies I have seen in recent times - Right from the cast, to performance by each actor, to the cinematography, to the story line, to the beautiful locations where songs were shot, all complemented each other so well that I yet again feel like wanting to watch the movie all over again in the theatre and been recommending everyone whom I come across to watch it as well :)

I have allways been a fan of Jeeva's and after watching this movie I'm only in more appreciation of Jeeva's , Ajmal's and Pia's ... However, I thought Karthika (the lead lady in the movie) could have performed a lot better or thought did not live up to the character she was portrayed. The make up used on Karthika has also been flawed and looks like her face has been un evenly painted .. sans this, every aspect of the movie is applaudable !

If you have some time in hand, or rather take sometime off your routine to catch up this movie in the theatre .. It truly is worth it all !!


Sharmilee! :) said...

I watched the movie too but cudnt enjoy the theme because of the dishom dishom aspects. But liked the storyline...I knw the violence portrayed in the film justifies the storyline but still not my kind for sure....Gud that u liked it :) Cast selection was excellent except karthika esp her eyebrows kind of scared me ;)

Sundu said...

Most folks seem to like this movie. Will look out for it here :)

DG said...

Really liked all the songs, lyrics and Music. Now its time to see the movie. I have been postponing with no gut to watch Jeeva. But will take a risk

sheila said...

I know everyone is raving about the movie..but...i cannot stand any dishoom dishoom or won't mind watching dvd and FF the scenes...but ...Jeeva...sorry Shalu..I don't share your passion :)am jus happy listening 2 the songs..
If there's a movie that i can laff straight thru for 3 hrs...plz let me know :)