Sunday, 1 May 2011

Its Summer time

Summer as a kid had always been exciting and this is the first time I am not going to have holidays for summer, thanks to the corporate world.

I have always been more of a summer person than a winter person, even though we don't really have a winter in Chennai .. probably I liked the sun a lot more better than I did of the rains except for the first shower that hits every year.

Summer to me has always meant:

  • Long holidays
  • Birthday
  • Shopping for summer wear
  • Mango, tender cocnut, water melon
  • Ice creams
  • Lots of time with family and friends
  • Time to learn a new art
  • Relatives visiting home
  • Family trips
  • Going for swimming classes as a kid
  • Fun in the beach
I wish my summers still continued that way .. would probably plan it out better the next time :)


DG said...

Hey summer is always more outdoor time unless its gets very hot and humid; explore more places, fresh fruits, more than that beach time.

Yep corporate world constrains a lot, but you will find a way to enjoy it

sheila said...

Summer time to me..

Long holidays
Shreya's bday
Wearing cool summery clothes
Lots of time with the girls
Visiting relatives
Family vacations
Fun in the beach
..and this year...
visiting India :)
Wish I could add mangoes n ilaneer!!

Have a Great Summer Shalu!! :)

Alpine climber said...

Dear Shalini,
We intend to visit Chennai between June 30th and July 9th, and will put up in Mylapore (Kutchery Road). Do you have any insights into:
- is this a good time to visit Chennai;
- are there any special events during this period that we should plan to partake in;
- is the weather tolerable at this time; and of course,
- are there places in Tamilnadu that are particularly pleasant to make an excursion to (say, over a 2 day period).
Meantime, I hope you are speeding ahead in your career, and it is wonderful to read about your managing to work hard (it seems that way anyway!!) while also having the best of what life has to offer, within Chennai and the region. All the best