Friday, 8 October 2010

TEDxChennai - 2 more days to go !

It was close to 6 weeks back, when I first heard that TEDxChennai is to happen very soon. And the first thing I did was to check out their website. The event has an interesting line up of some very prominent speakers, each of them with great accomplishments in their own line of expertise. That only added on to me wanting to attend the event more strongly. Since then, I have been asking my parents to keep themselves free on 10/10/10 - the day of TEDxChennai event ... This year the event comes with the passion to do as the tag line says..

Finally with just two more days to go - I am more than delighted to say that I and my parents are attending TEDxChennai and I would be one of the official bloggers for the event :)

There also is a workshop happening on the 9th of October'10 (Saturday) between 2pm - 5pm, it is all about organizing a TEDx event. (you can click on the picture below to have a better understanding of what the workshop is all about)

You can register online for the events at .

Admission for the workshop on 9th October is free and tickets for the TEDxChennai event is priced at Rs.3000

Watch this space for more happening at the TEDxChennai.

Please follow for live blog updates. It is really fun and interesting to live blog and I am really enjoying it :)


SATHIYA said...

Shaloo, Do u know whether they have web casting the event?

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

@Sathiya yup there is a live webcast of it on 10th October in

Aarthi said...

Have fun Shalini :)

Anonymous said...

Oh super news.. I love Tedx, usually watch it on Youtube. I can tell my friends/family in Chennai and ask them to check it out.

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Sundu said...

Shalu, looking forward to your blog updates from Tedx.

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Have a look at the below link, live blogging is happening there, will post the updates of the happening at Rando thought tonight. For live blogging updates please click the link below :) Thanks for asking .

Rajeev Mahadevan said...

Great meeting you at TEDxChennai Shalini! love your blog btw