Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The features I wish my Smart Phone had :)

Mobile phones have been a part of my life for the last 8 years and right through all these times I have thought of them to be much smarter than I am in many aspects.. for one simple reason they always kept me entertained with the music, pictures, games and a whole list of contact numbers to which I could text or call up. Things only got better in the last couple of years with increased internet users - push mail and browsing using gprs and wi- fi enabled phones turned out to be the norm of the day.

With all of us learning new things each day and with growing experience, our need from our handy mobile phones also keep increasing.. Here, I have a list of features which at some point of time was a thought in the minds of either me or my family or friends.

  • Mobile phone is one device that we hold close to all through the day (in literal sense) , they can be used to detect the blood pressure, pulse rate, and since we also move around with our phones most day they could also have a calorie meter in them to approximately be able to let us know of the calorie spent - keeping us all conscious of our health.
  • The mobile phone could be used just like that of a remote control to operate the lights, fans and other electrical stuff in a given place. It does not necessarily have to be in my room or home .. one should be able to switch on or switch off any electrical device anywhere through their mobile phones.. We can save energy and electricity so much if this is adopted.Through mobile there should also be a facility where I can turn on the air conditioner in my room ten minutes before I enter home.
    * I take sole credit for this idea. Mobile phone manufactures can get in touch with me on more detailing of the same ;)
  • There have been numerous occasions I have missed my charger and wished I could just like that charge my phone, probably we could have phones that charge on solar energy/ wind energy.
  • There have also been times I wish my phone had a projector, when there is huge demand for projectors in college and at work place. There by saving lots of time and energy fighting to take the projector first and run away.
  • I wish we could tune in to TV channels just like the way we do for FM, so we really wouldn't miss any of our favourite shows..
Most of these ideas are the ones that popped up in the head when we missed something else and I am sure it would have been for many others as well .. So, probably any smart phone with additional features of any of these would really bring lots of change in the way people do things. They would be called ultra smart may be :)

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Lolland Owner said...

Loved and Promoted it :)

Liked the second Idea specially, coz I am too lazy to even switch off the lights before sleeping :D

Or may be we can do that, there must be some app that can do that i guess!

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Rakesh @ Wizard Journal said...

Your ideas are creative, i never experienced this kind of fun with a mobile phone.


I have done my contribution by voting you, i hope to see some love from you as well. Good luck for the content. :)

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

@Lolland Owner

Thank yous so much :) Many innovations happen coz people become more lazier ..

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Thank you very much :) Glad you liked it ! Will be there to read your post soon.

Abhinav said...

2nd idea is really hilarious !

writerzblock said...

Done! Promoted.

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Sourav said...

How I wish your second wish comes true. But as far as I know there is already some idea like that in the pipeline! :)

Excellent post! I am voting! :)

PS - You can check mine too.

Aaarti said...

Cool post.. wanted to write for this contest, but got caught up with other things! sigh...

good luck babes :)


Guha Rajan said...

Nice one..Liked the charger part..

Take a look at mine...hope it would be interesting.