Thursday, 1 July 2010

Thank you all :)

Thank you all for your wonderful comments for my last post - which was about my blog's 3rd Anniversary. It feels really good to have readers commenting on your blog posts and is wonderful in itself to know there are readers looking to read your blog leave apart commenting on them.

With the new template on my blog, there are two check boxes denoting like and unlike - in case your out of words you can use them to put forward your views.

I am looking forward to posting Monday Morning Inspirations as well. I always have this guilty feeling when a monday passes without me posting an MMI, which has happened quite a lot of times in the recent past. Jus' planning it out such that MMI's become a part and parcel of Random thoughts.

I'm open to hearing a lot more views from my reader. Thank you all for your enormous support, that keeps me going ..


Ravichandra said...

this template is very gud.. nice simple and desent.

karthik s said...

i agree with the above comment. the template rocks. so much like u, in RAVICHANDRA'S words, nice simple and decent. :)

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Thank you very much .. Glad to know you like it too :)


I'm flattered :) Thanks da ..