Saturday, 24 January 2009

Slum dog Millionaire review

**spoiler alert**

I happened to catch up with this Oscar nominated movie, Slum dog Millionaire this morning. Hard reality portrayed in a very beautiful way with a concise story line. Despite being really positive and optimistic about life one does have to realise the harsh facts of reality.

Is this movie about portraying the harsh realities in India ? Or the own that shows one with persevearance can win against all odds? Well, all that the director Danny Boyle wanted to say was this movie is an answer to the West's question of what makes India tick?

The story line is neat and simple where Jamal a boy from the Darvi slums of Mumbai becomes a millionaire by playing the game of "Who wants to become a millionaire?" similar to that of crorepati . The story revolves around the way he answers the question in the game , through his life s experiences which he explains when he is being doubted for cheating in the game (thinking possible how could a slumdog get all the answers rite ) .

Hats off to the Slumdog Millionaire team and many congrats to them for their 10 Oscar nominations and special congrats to our very own AR (Golden)Rahman on winning the Golden Globe award and for his 3 Oscar nominations :)

A must watch movie indeed! Have a great weekend :)


Chriz said...

this was on movie where the awards created the hype.. there are lot of tamil movies which are better than this for sure...

but yes.. this is a good one too..

Vasanthan said...

thanks for the **spoiler alert**
but even beyond that i still got tempted to watch this movie.

would have been more meaningful catching it in india. but i will gather all my friends and watch this one.

maruti said...

How is this a good movie? The music by ARR is below average for his standards, by which I mean that, it is no way near his renditions for Taal or Roja.

It received an Oscar nomination for screenplay which is ridiculous to say the least.

The cinematography was its best part, and maybe deserved a nomination. An over-hyped movie, no way in the league of the classic multiple Oscar nominated movies like, Titanic, Shawshank, Godfather, Forrest Gump, etc

hemant said...


Peculiar BRITISH ATTITUDE TOWARDS INDIANS, wonder when they are going to come out of this illusion and understand that INDIA is much much more than slums. I feel they are satisfying themselves by picturising wrongly about India by just showing 10% of India as the major.
I bet if you show the shit in your body for two hours, make a movie out of it, u will start getting a feeling that the whole of the body is made of shit, thats what the movie is like, the director has (called a slum dweller a slumdog) only covered the slums , child abuse, prostitution in 75% of the movie, even the Tajmahal when shown, is picturised from such an angle which covers the dirt more, than the view of Tajmahal. The studio where the competition is going on is also shown as a two room studio with a cooridor heading straight to the road. I feel it is intended to spoil the image of our country. I pity the director for his sadism, But the most surprising is OSCAR, i am now getting a feeling that Indian shit is so liked by oscarians that i think if i film a Indian
person shiting for 2 hrs i stand a good chance of wining an oscar, so that means Indian shit is
pretty valuable.

This surely is not a real picture of India, and was nothing true, i havent seen any couple doing a
french kiss on a station platform in mumbai. Its more of a documentary film.
I also wish the Prime Minister of India sees the film.
If you are a real Indian your blood will boil. I suggest don't watch the movie in a theater and help their revenue, and
FORWARD THIS MESSAGE TO MAXIMUM YOU CAN, i think that's what we can do right now.
Hemant, Hyderabad, INDIA

Henry said...

I'm a 66 year from the US, and I can tell you that this is, literally and figuratively, the shittiest movie I have ever started watching in my life. I walked out when cildren started being mutilated.
For whatever it's worth, I'd probably walk out of a movie about US slums too.

hemant said...

To Mr. Henry, I really appreciate your comments and i feel great. Wish the rest of the world understands it, that nothing in that movie is true to the extent it is shown. Crime and criminals are part of human race, that exists everywhere in a very small percentage. but this movie emphasizes in the opposite way
thank you for your support once again.

Rohit said...

To Hemant..
Be it 10 20 or 30 % ....
This is still a reality...
and that is what is shown in this movie... the world knows that this is just a part of India.. and such a population resides in every corner of the world....
India has made its mark ... other countries do respect us. This movie story is not going change India's face...

Anonymous said...

Naveen: Oscar was only about SDM,
I dont think anybody can comment unles they walk through the slums,and experience the real life by trying to be one in the sulm for a day ( 24hrs.experience a day & night in a slum). As one commented the movie as shit. Iwould say, they have no experience with sulms, it is even hard to shit, unless you walk thorugh one

Girish said...

This was in no way in the league of "God Father " ,Silence of the Lamps " or any previous oscar winning movies . Nor it was any great from Satyajith Ray movies ,it is all hype that got this movie to this point . It seems like people are afraid to say "it is poverty porn " being afraid of getting themselves shoed out of so called "Liberal " club.

Call Shit a Shit , this doesnt deserve an oscar . I can show better movies in Malayalam & Bengali 100 times better than this . It is just glorification of slum life that made west think that it is a great movie

hemant said...

to Rohit, if u feel that westerners know what India is, then i have no regrets over this movie, but incase they don't its really bad. I too agree its a realty to some extent, but in the movie it was quite exaggerated, like the mercedes tyres being stolen, shoes from the tourist place being stolen or the boy jumping in the shit. well all that is just another movie.. wonder how oscar was given, well thats not my concern though. in case u r true then lets encash on our dirt, good for our bollywood directors.

hemant said...

to girish,
well i agree with what u say, and been criticizing the movie for the same, this movie had really nothing. The conclusion is that indian shit sells so, if people out there know that India isnt like this throughout and still like to see, then nothing wrong..lets start selling shit.

Rohit said...

excluding the factor "whats good and whats bad"... this is what reality is... stealing tyres .shoes.. etc does happens.. not just in slums..but also in metros. There are a lot of movies and docs made over similar topics... but none got a recognition...n that leaves me surprised.....i aggree to you ..that this movie had nothing which was never projected earlier.... am just happy that few indians were a part of it....
I strongly believe that bollywod can make much more meaning full movies than SDM

hemant said...

the most sad thing in this whole issue of sdm and people's reaction is, that i realize that there are very few who are proud indians rest are all those who like to point out at whats not their and blame it on others for the situation but want to do nothing about it. its we who have brought the situation to this extent. what i was most unhappy about sdm was the way my country was projected on international screen be it true or false. someone surely made money on our pains.

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is why people cannot watch a movie as just a movie. Slumdog was not a documentary of India it was about a boy from the slums. Of course the majority of the movie is going to be about that. And just for some extra information, crime happens in waaaay more than 10% of ANY nation. Wake up and stop pretending. Hate to break it to you, but the real world is not really great. In that aspect this movie was great because it makes people who don't live in slums aware of the harshness of some people's reality. For example, the young Latika from the movie was actually from the slums. And her father was actually accused of selling her... She was granted housing and money for education because of this movie. I think that alone is reason enough to watch this great film.

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