Friday, 12 December 2008

Got a wish?

It's festive season around the globe and each of us must have special plans to make our holidays special but one thing that would excite all the kids in this festive season is Santa Claus . I'm sure each of us would have had our own fun as kids with Santa Claus , I remember gettin this Cola flavoured lolly pop and a puzzle set from a Santa when I was a kid of around 4 - 5 years old.

I'm sure most of you would have planned to gift your kids with some really exotic and nice stuffs this Christmas why not get a pic with our dear own Santa Claus and gift it along too. After all these are sweet memories and pics would talk a thousand words even after your kids grow up. As grown ups some of us might feel a little embarrassed to click pics with Santa but not anymore.

If you've got a wish to click a pic with Santa you can do so by clicking on the link above and uploading the pic and tada.. There is a pic of you sitting on Santa's lap . Doesn't this sound so much fun and easy. Check it out and celebrate the festive spirit in style with Ceiva Digital photo frames , these are not the ordinary digital frames but has got a lot more added features :) Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas folks.



Shrav said...

I've got more than i wished for! Got to meet Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia!

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


I really hope you get to meet him :) I've always wanted to meet Ratan Tata , hope it comes true someday :)

Shravan said...

I'm not very much into tags, but where's mine??

& guess you got the meaning wrong there, I meant I got to meet him today and it was an awesome experience!

Shrav said...

Sowie, I signed in with my another account!

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


That's ok . No prob :)

Oh! you met Jimmy Wales that's so cool. Please write about your experience. Would love to read it :)