Thursday, 14 August 2008

Monday Morning Inspiration # 40

I apologise to all my readers who came here looking for my Monday morning Inspiration. I'm so sorry, have been having a screwed up net connection for the last two weeks which is so unpredictable. Jus' thought its better late than never that I post my MMI for this week :)

He was told he cannot be good at the game. No one ever considered that he would ever make it to the pro club. It was said that he could never be a professional footballer, but he was the 18th player out of the 18 players picked by the team Pittsburg Steelers to be drafted into the NPL. And he was the only one among the 18 to make it to the NFL.

He was shaping up very well and his contributions for his team was immense. It was at that time he was drafted into the army to fight the vietname war. At the war, a gernade blew just below his right leg and he was shot in his left leg. He came back with both his legs severley damaged and all the efforts were to make him stand and maybe to help him take a few steps, leave alone him getting back to play football.

Here was a man of determination and courage. He went through rehabilitation and started attending his team's training to the amazemnt of his coach and his team mates. He recovered well and made up for his injury with his detemintaion and led stellers to three super bowl rings. that is Rocky Blier for you, a true super hero who overcame all obstacles in life. He is certainly a living legend .
Excerpts from Frozen thoughts
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Hameed said...

I liked this concept of MMI.. Good one.. Keep it going..