Friday, 21 March 2008

A Day of festivals

March 21 will be of great significance this year, with 5 festivals from different religions coinciding on the same day. What other reason would we need to have fun?? And above it all , this day is also called equinox as the sun is in line with the equator and all parts of the world will have equal amount of daylight and night time.

It is a day of Milad-un-nabhi for muslims, the birthday of prophet Muhammed. Christians mark the day as good friday with the crucification of Jesus Christ. Sikhs and Hindus come together to celebrate the fetsival of colors Holi , the zoroastrians and persian speakers celebrate their New year on this festive day as well. What a festive weekend it has all turned out to be :)

Wish you all a HAPPY holi, good friday, Milad-un-nabhi, New year. Enjoy your festival and let me know how you guys celebrated it..
Have a fun weekend!


Lena said...

unfortunately only russians dont have anything to celebrate :D
Have fun and enjoy your time!! :)

Vasanthan said...

This day is also "Panguni Uthiram". The marriage of Parvati and Parameshwara, Muruga and Devasena, and Andal and Rangamanna took place on this day.

i have been involved with lots of temple service lately. probably repaying for the lack of devotion in Australia.

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Don' worry dear,all days are fun and more so for people like you who take evrything in a positive way.. Enjoy your day and thanks for your wishes :)


Yup! Exactly.. I jus' heard it from my dad too about Panguni uthiram.. How have you been? Good to hear you have been involving yourself in a lot of good deeds lately.. :)

Abhishek Khanna said...

happy all festivals :)

Sudhakar said...

Wish you the same Shalini