Monday, 24 March 2008

Best web hosting services

What is the sign of a good web hosting company? At the most the site which the company hosts has to be accessible at all times. But many companies fail achieving the first step itself, causing major disappoinment to all its customers and more so for people like kaushal seth whose day to day work is done through his site.

Kaushal seth is a template designer for wordpress and is also an avid blogger.The whole issue of problems faced by him due to the poor web hosting company his site belongs to he decided to list out the top web hosting services with the help of his friends and reading reviews.

After all the talks and discussions the three sites he has short listed include Host monster, Host gator and yahoo host. I'm sure this information would have been of some use to my readers as I can see most of them here love blogging and I do think they would want their site to be down anytime.


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