Friday, 1 February 2013

Having the "Me" time

Sometimes life becomes so full of activity that you completely forget when your day starts, ends including what meal of the day you are about to have, such was 2012 for me. Looking back, it makes me feel sad despite having a lot of good times and wonderful memories last year there were hardly any pics that I clicked that I could connect with the various happenings of last year except may be the times when I went on a vacation.

Irony has it that I fell sick just after pongal and having a slow yet steady start to 2013 ! For almost a week now I am having the much needed "Me" time as I am trying to rest and get well soon.

It is so much fun talking to and catching up with  friends with whom you haven't spoke to for ages (that's what I did during the pongal holidays), visited a book exhibition, as I rest to get well soon I have all the time in the world to catch up with reading all the articles I missed out in my huge collection of Lonely planet magazines :)

This year I promise to take more pics and share them all with you !


Ravi said...

Consistent blogging is hard- at least for me. Keep writing..


Take sometime to visit my blogs

Krishna said...

I Read this blog whenever I am bored. It has something insightful everytime!
keep it up..!