Tuesday, 8 January 2013

My Best of 2012 !

I am late in doing this post, been thinking about not having to miss posting about my 2012 here for over 2 weeks now.

I thought I was the only one thinking feeling bad about not writing much in my blog like I used to, but thanks to each of you who remember to ask me and letting me know that all enjoyed reading it ! - Thanks for bringing me out of my hibernation mode and on to here :)

Thanks a Lot Kg Kumar (For the first time in my life, you have actually told me something that I will feel good about) and Neha :)

Here we go to the year that has given me many firsts, unfolded many dreams and given me memories that I will cherish for my whole life through !!

Big things first - Star of 2012 has to be Brown Station

What started in a small way during the end of 2011 turns out to be the biggest event in my life. It was a passion of two friends who enjoyed good food, bonded over dreams of wanting to start restaurants finally took the plunge to start Brown Station - a Gourmet Chocolate and Dessert boutique.

In between all the chocolates , truffles, cupcakes et all , my family decided on making a short family trip to the US. It was my first time to the US and I totally enjoyed visiting cousins, aunt , uncle and all the fun times we had together !! That just reminds me that I have a travel blog where I am yet to write my travel adventures in the US.  It was lots of fun to holiday together :)) We missed being able to meet our other friends and family in the US, but we sure will the next time we are there.

I met my cousin and her family who I haven't met in almost a decade.

Couple of our best friends from college got married in Kolkatta - which led to the short fun filled trip to the land of Gol gappas with mom and friends. It was a re-union of sorts and gladly had a mini get together when few friends visited Chennai later part of the year.

We (Brown Station) got featured in 3 leading Newspapers !! and we also got an opportunity to be part of the Breakfast show in Chennai Live's Radio program during the Christmas week.

I test drove almost every car that was introduced in the first half of the year :D  Silly, but it was fun and I still have a whole list of them to do when I find time.

I learnt to bake and do chocolate art! My creativity has not stopped since then :))

2012 was a year of wonderful people - who stood by me to help me live my dreams despite their apprehensions , my bunch of friends from work at KPMG who turned out to be well wishers and brought about the belief in me that you could still meet wonderful people and make friends even when you grow up , all the helping hands and hearts who came out to help us while we were drenched with orders at Brown Station when 24 hours a day and 7 days a week were just not sufficient to meet our client requirements, my friends who taught me patience, and all my friends, family and well - wishers who took time to create memories and make 2012 a very special year for me :)

Wishing you all a very Happy 2013 !! May the year be filled with good times, happy memories, good health, great people, safe and peaceful for each of us :)


sheila said...

hey Shalu
Good to see you here again :)
Wishing you and Brown Station another GREAT year like 2012!!
Next time you visit U.S. atleast try saying a Hi to me :)

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Thank you very much :) Happy New year to all of you too !

We sure will visit your place the next time we come :)