Sunday, 6 March 2011

3 idots - Movie review

3 idiots I would say is one of the best movies I have seen in the coming times and this is gonna happen to be one of the ever green movies that I am going to love every time I see it. I saw the movie with my mom for the second time last week and both of us loved it to the hilt, it was a movie with such brilliance so much so that I wanted to get back to doing engineering all over again.

Amir's acting was brilliant and so was everyone else .. News is that 3 idiots is being remade in tamil and wonder who the cast would be .. now I really cannot imagine Vijay playing the role of Amir khan ?!!?!? God save 3 idiots !


sheila said...

Oh No!!!...its going to be killed made in tamil..

KG said...

shalu...just don't bother abt the tamil movie - it's for those who haven't seen hindi version. - With vijay, jeevan, srikanth, satyaraj - thevaiya onaku......just go to marina beach and start playing frisbee :)

mashhood said...

Fultu movie...amazing..great movie to can watch it n times...for sure..