Tuesday, 3 August 2010

I hate Maths but I love numbers ..

I came up with this title in the morning when I was randomly going through my everyday pages like blog, twitter and so on. Each time I see an increase in the number of followers or a new comment for my post it still is the kinda reaction that invokes in me the way it used to when I got comments for my initial posts..

My love for numbers goes with
  • Birth dates , anniversaries or other special ocassions
  • When I see an addition in my number of followers
  • With each additional comment or a new like/unlike view - as it lets me know that the post has been worth someone else s time
  • Salary - I got my first (full time work) salary very recently. I was more than happy when I first got paid through blogging as well.
  • The time you spend with people who mean a lot to you
  • When your eagerly counting down time for a special moment
  • Marks
  • Speeeeeeeeeed !! as the numbers increase in the speedometer
  • The numbers that we dial before those long phone chats
  • Oh yea .. how can I forget Cricket ? the more the runs your team score the more the merriment (@Karthik s - I was wondering what would your comment be for this post and I came up with this point)

Anything else guys ?? Any other way in which numbers have brought in joy into your life ?


decodedthought said...

Love the title of this post !
When number of errors in my program is less.

karthik s said...

ha ha am honoured. and yeah hope the numbers(both my runs and ur no of followers) keep increasing. ;)

karthik s said...

and yeah, that was quick. u said u were gonna post this in 2 days time. :D

Aarthi said...

Really liked it Shalini :)

Anonymous said...


Another newbie here. I've joined on the recommendation of a friend on here. Looks like there are lots of interesting threads.
I love gardening and messing about with the camera so you should see me joining in with those for starters.

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Rashi said...

nice title !

ABI said...

1.wen the number of jimmy choos grow in my closet..:P
2. wen counting the number of days comes 2 an end (especially if its the day u meet ur loved ones ;)

VijayGanesh. S said...

My love for numbers came thru stock prices, indices not thru maths for sure :)