Friday, 4 September 2009

Happy 40th bday Internet !

Wohoo!! Internet is 40 years old .. :)

Internet , now a house hold name in most parts of the world was first used in University of California, Los Angeles when two computers passed test data through a 15 foot long grey cable. It was then called ARPANET and was widely used by the Department of Defence in the United States. But now, right from toddler to senior citizens everyone s got something to do with the Internet.

My Internet story

I'm happy to be in the Internet age , the time it got popular and the way it has turned out to be an incredible part of all our lives. I was first introduced to the internet when I was in my 3rd grade, when my dad and mom used to spend long evenings trying to connect to the internet and I used to fall asleep in my mom s lap since it used to take so long to connect (definetly not less than half an hour). It used to feel like celebration if we could actually get our laptop connected to the internet.

I started using the internet all by myself when in 6th grade when a friend of mine in class asked me if I had a mail ID ?? I knew my parents had one , so that evening when I got back I asked my dad to help me create a mail ID and that was the start . Those days we had vsnl connection and my parents let me know the username and password so I could check my mails when required. Since then most of my saturday afternoons were spent pondering over the internet .. those were times when online chatting was getting popular .. And I remember spending hours together in various chat rooms .. Thou' not directly but indirectly these time spent chatting with random strangers has helped in so many ways ..

Then came our own social networking, blogging, tweets .. what more ??? Now , for years together I don' remember a single day I haven't been using the internet .. Hats off to the inventors, this I consider to be one of the greatest inventions of my time :) A very happy bday Internet , may you rock as always !


akanksha said...

Wow! What a post! I never knew Internet was that old!!!
Can't imagine my life without internet though!

Vasanthan said...

gone were the days when pages take ages to load. and use 56kbps internet and phone calls cannot come in while you are using the internet.

now with 12Mbps and unlimited you just feel like on top of the world.

the internet sure made the world shrink.

Sharmilee! :) said...

Just wondering how u come to knw these info.

Shrav said...

that's very nice of you :) I'm sure you're a part of INTERNET IS LIFE gang, from all that you've written :)

Happy b'day internet, may you live for ever :)

Nags said...

hey hey! long time :) why did u stop posting in your food blog? :)