Thursday, 23 July 2009

Wassup with me ??

College is turning out to be so much fun in the final year, not that it hasn't been till now .. but jus' the fact that it is the final year is pepping up everyone's mood to have as much fun as possible , so we don' regret later for all the fun we missed.. Studying has always been scheduled for the last few days before exam .

I've been reading this book "The Alchemist" written by Paulo Coelho which I borrowed from my friend after hearing a bit of what the book is all about. It seemed to be a very inspiring book, thou it being a lil philosophical ..

When the often used quotes like " When you wanna achieve something in this world so desperately, you will always find someone to help you" (I totally agree with this one and many such lines used in the book often). These seem pretty inspiring when reading it alone as a quote but as a book , its such an irony I felt so heavy hearted while reading this book .. This has not jus' happened with me but a few other friends of mine as well ...

A few other friends of mine have left abroad for higher studies and a few of them will be leaving very shortly . It is hard to believe that they are no more around in Chennai where they are jus' a call away and tada ... all of you meet as and when you want .. *sighh*

We have our department's technical symposium coming up on the 7th and 8th of next month , where i ll be coordinating for the paper presentation event along with my friends...thats keeping me lil busy as well .

All that apart we are planning for a movie watching spree .. all old and new movies with a lot of new releases ..

I along with my friends caught up with this movie " Vedigundu murugesan" (I don think this movie requires a seperate post, so thats the reason im putting it along with a lot other miscellaneous stuffs).

I fell asleep 2 times and would have continued my sleep hadn't I been woken up by my friend .. A movie with no well defined storyline .. in fact im still wondering where the story started and how it ended .. The only entertaining thing about it was the comment we could pass ... I strongly reccommend not to watch this movie even if your totally jobless ...

You could find a lot of book and movie reviews coming up in this space in the coming days ..

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Murali said...

"The Alchemist" Best book I have read.
Read it twice. Recommended to many. Author is a gr8 guy. Most of his books are good. You can follow him on twitter @paulocoelho.