Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The Desi Me ..

I was tagged by Vasanthan of Singaporean Indian to take up this tag .

I was supposed to mark the ones that suited me the best to calculate how Indian I am :)

[x] you were born in India
[x] both your parents are Indian
[ ] your parents expect your spouse to be Indian
[ ] your career choices are narrowed down to doctor, lawyer and/or architect
[ ] you have one sibling
[ ] your aunt, uncle, parents and several relatives you have never met in your life have befriended you on Facebook.

X's so far: 2

[x] You have dhaal at least once a day( : O )
[x] Your mother at this very moment is under the unfortunate impression that you are doing homework
[x] You have black hair
[x] You are a veggie
[ ] Zee TV is (at least one of) your favorite channel(s)
[ ] you have recently listened to 96.8FM
[ ] you and your best friend both have watched and discussed the latest Shahrukh Khan movie

X's so far: 6

[x] you have a circle of Indian friends, separate from your normal ones
[x] you speak in violent Tamilish with the above
[ ] you have a tendency to resent Britain's existence
[ ] more than half your wardrobe is salwars, churidars, patiallas/kurtas,sherwanis.
[x] a cricket ball has the power to obtain and control your full undivided attention
[ ] you are aware of and have visited BharatMatrimonials.com
[x] your surname is your father's first name.

X's so far: 10

[ ] you are a proud member of Sports-India.com
[ ] you have bookmarked Cricinfo.com on your computer.
[x] Neither of your parents could care less about phys ed, as long as your academic grades are intact
[ ] if you are Hindu, you go to the temple at least once a week
[ ] if you are Muslim you perform namaaz five times a day
[x] you have no issues with either of the above
[x] you do, however, have issues with the bombings of the Indian Embassy in Kabul and the 26/11 Taj and Oberoi hotel bombings in Mumbai.
[ ] you own a Nokia phone
[x] this phone at least once has displayed something Desi as its wallpaper
[x] you are familiar with the term 'Desi'

X's so far: 15

[x] your iPod is teeming with Bollywood & Kollywood
[x] you could bite into a red chili and honestly enjoy it
[x] you are a fan of and are infuriated at the fact that Thumbs Up is not sold beyond Indian borders.
[ ] you use the word 'arre' or 'accha' at least twice a day
[ ] your non-Indian friends have picked up on hindi words like 'yaar' or 'blah blah blah, NA?'
[ ] you have Bollywood posters in your room
[x] you have never called an elder by only their first name, you instead add or use alone 'auntie' or 'uncle'
[ ] you have read A Suitable Boy (Is it a book? I don’t do books)
[x] you play an instrument
[x] you are able to play a Bollywood song on the above instrument -

X's so far: 21

[x] your fridge has at least one Haldiram's box in it
[ ] your mother claims you were born as fair as the moon, but you have lately begun to doubt it
[ ] you own a Bose sound system
[x] you use fans whenever possible as opposed to aircon
[x] regardless of whether you are Buddhist or not you have a Buddha statue in your living room.

[x] you know what pani puri is ( I love Paani Puris)

[X] you are unable to handle chopsticks. (been wanting to learn to use them)

[ ] Your TV remote is covered in plastic (I don’t want to explain it.)
[x] You are genuinely afraid of the Indian Gossip Circuit

X's in total: 27

Multiply by 2 to get your Indian-y percentage: 54 %

Lol.. This thing was fun to do . I would like to tag all my Indian blog friends reading this post to take up this tag :)

How Indian are you ?


Arv said...

OMG... I just managed a 28%


Vasanthan said...

That was interesting.
when u come to Singapore, i'll teach you how to use the chopstick.So well that u can even catch houseflies with those chopsticks, like in the karate kid movie!

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Lol.. this tag jus' made me realise how certain aspects are so Indianish .. :)

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Sure, that would be fun! :)

Shrav said...

Awww, Indians are super cool!! :)

your desiness is quite amazing!

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Thanks dude!

KG said...

ooooops...just got 10ish.
toooo bad, yaar.

KG said...

in order to improve the score, immediately, i'll cover my "remote" with plastic:)

Sriram JP said...

hmmm i mite get less than 20% !!!
maybe i m not fit to be Indian after all :(