Sunday, 5 October 2008

My week that went by ...

Last week was a very memorable week for me as it had all the essential ingredients, I would otherwise call it a perfect week . Had regular classes on Monday and tuesday, had my hols starting form wednesday . It was the day before our Qualcomm innovator Challenge so we were busy preparing and reharsing our presentation.

Thursday was the day of our event, it was postponed from the morning session to the noon session and our presentation was sometime around 5:30 in the evening . I really liked the way our presentation went on. We were not able to make it to the top three, but we ended up in the fifth position of the 5312 entries that came by . I was indeed happy! I also happened to attend an entrepreneurship workshop for which we were selected and that was quite informative as well :)

After all this I also got to watch a movie Sakarakati and met up with a couple of my childhood friends, we also dropped by my school and clicked a few pics.. OMG! How much its changed from what it was ..


Arv said...


Good to hear abt it... Hope you enjoyed the movie... take care... cheers...

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Thank you so much! The movie I felt had no story line at all..

Vasanthan said...

it always brings a smile and good experience when u go to your old school.
which movie is good to watch at the moment?

did u watch Dhaam Dhoom with your mom?

PS: don be disheartened about the defeat, at least u got this far. lick your wounds and get up and walk with your head held high, for it was a Lion's fight.

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Certainly! It always pleasure getting the feel of our chilhood days back :)

Nope, I didnt watch Dhaam Dhoom as my friends told my mum it wasnt good :( . Saroja is a nice one to catch up with .