Friday, 6 July 2007

My Favourite Poem

My someone special is no one else but you
Why? Just because of all the special things you do
You were the one who opened my eyes
Saw me through all the lies
Each time I was weak, you were there to help me
Show me things that before I couldn't see
All the times I needed you,you came and said you'd never leave
You showed me special things, and taught me to believe
You were there to catch me if I should stumble or fall
The one I could count on to answer all my calls
You were the one to hear me,when no one else would listen
You lit up my life, made it sparkle, made it glisten
You took away my bitter fears
And wiped away all my tears
You told me I could be anything I wanted to be
And that is why you were, you are,and you will always be the special some one to me...

With my parent's wedding anniversary jus' a couple of days away.. I dedicate this poem to them ... Love you mom and dad...