Sunday, 26 December 2010

My Best of 2010

It just feels like I was busy preparing for my placement interviews (that's what I was doing on Jan 1 2010 and a few days around that) as our placement season was about to begin with the new year 2010. Life has moved on so quick with so many moments, memories, incidents and accidents - thinking about them all gives me a smile , telling myself that I've become a year wiser with a lot more new experiences.

2010 has been a year filled with good, bad and ugly times - things that I thought would happen eventually didn't turn out the way I thought and things that I hardly expected would ever happen, happened in the most beautiful way, such is life.

I am jus' so glad to write again about my firsts that I did this year, thankfully I have something new to do every year :) :) and the other good things that I would always like to remember as a part of 2010.

  • It was for the first time I appeared for a job interview (a few interviews infact) - my first fore into corporate life.
  • I went to see a live cricket match in the M.A.Chidambaram stadium in Chennai, as a part of the IPL 3 game.
  • I got my first salary and the joy of gifting loved ones from my earning.
  • I helped my grand dad learn how to use e-mail and eventually facebook as well.
  • Two holiday trips with family (Tirupathi and Bangalore/Puttaparthi)
  • Went on a two week long official trip to Goa as a part of our training program.
  • I did live blogging, my first time again at the TEDxChennai event, where I again got to meet and listen to some wonderful people.
  • The year I graduated - I am now Er. Shalini ;)
  • Its the year puppy D came into my life - Daisy is a cute lil brat who is close to 80 0dd days old now, who has totally taken away my fear for dogs.
  • Last but no least I am happily employed in the organization where I like the work, the people and the reason to add on to my joy is that I have my best friend along too.

At the end of the day whatever happens, happens for good - in that way it helps us connect the dots better. I doubt if I would have been able to sound so positive had I made this post a fortnight ago, but thankfully I am glad that I am now :) :)

It has been a great year or rather a great learning from all fronts - there have been times when I was beaming from ear to ear, there were times which I feared the most and was wishing it passed away like a nightmare, times when I took some random decision jus' thinking about how I wanted things to be that very moment, there were many words spoken, few words unspoken, there were new people who came into life, some relationships grew fonder ...

The year 2010 was a year to remember and talk about for many years to come with its fare share of ups and downs and eventually when the climax is good .. we are all a happy lot !!

Wishing 2011 is a year filled with goodness and prosperity for all of us.. Happy New Year !! :) :)

"Life is like riding a bicycle, to maintain balance one should move on"


Anto said...

Welcome to corporate kiddo! I guess you had a wonderful 2010. I also have a similar story :) Wonderful pictures. Its a fantastic idea to summarize your year in photo's! Hats off :)

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Thank you :):) I'm visiting your blog to know how your year went by too!!

karthik s said...

brilliant as usual. and yeah, u are becoming a trendsetter of sorts-THE SLIDESHOW was a superb concept. kudos. :)

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

Hey Karthik .. thanks da :) Wish you a wonderful 2011. May you be blessed with lots of goodness and success and nice pani puris:)

You should try out Pani Puri in front of Rangoli shop in nungambakkam.. Its the best I've had in Chennai :)

Asha said...

very well summarized and more glories to you in the coming year.

Shrinidhi Hande said...

That sounds like a great year. May the 2011 be more joyful

Abhilash Ruhela- The Blogger said...

Wow. nice attempt. even I have written such a blog.. u can read it at #361th BLOG- The Last Blog of 2010 and All my achievement of 2010-

Karthik Kannan said...

Year’s ending is neither a stop nor a commencement but a moving process, with all the perception that know-how can inspire in us. Happy New Year 2011 :) Karthik Kannan

sheila said...

Hi Shalu
Wishing you more happiness and travels and dreams realized in the new year and the years ahead and hoping you will make it to the U.S. in 2011!! :)

Lakshmi Rajan said...

It truly had been an eventful, positive and productive year for you :) Wish 2011 rings in double joy, peace and happiness to you and those around you :) Have a wonderful year ahead.

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Thank you very much :) you have a happy year ahead too !!

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Thanks a ton !! A great new year to you too .. :)

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Thank you :) Will drop by your blog soon, glad to have you at mu blog space :)

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Thank you Karthik. New year wishes to you too ! :)

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Thank you very much athai :) I am wishing for all those as well :)

Wishing the 4S family a wonderful 2011 too !! :)