Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Raining Memories

It always makes me smile when it rains and brings back fun memories from my childhood associated with this rainy weather in Chennai.

It was I believe when I was in my 9th grade and we were told the subsequent day to be our project sports day (On this day all the preliminary rounds for various events are held to decide on the finalists). My friends and I were super thrilled to go to school in our sports wear representing the different houses we belonged. More than the sports it is the fun of not having to learn in class rooms and chatting around with friends that makes us look forward to the day.

On one such project sports day, fortunately or unfortunately it started to rain at around 8:30 in the morning when most of us were assembled in our sports wear. The rain brought with it a sigh of gloom. Rain meaning no outdoor activity - so everyone into the class rooms listening to Math and Science lessons.

And since we were all completely drenched, we had asked permission to go home change and get back within a couple of hours.. that's when the fun started ..

We were four of us - Garima, Sindhu, Ramya and myself .. We initially decided on heading to my friend Garima's home which was the closest from school. The rain had subsidised and we decided to walk and half way through there was a sudden cloud burst and it started pouring and the closest place where we could get to hide ourselves from the rain was a small rickshaw, that took kids to school and that very moment all of us rushed to get into the rickshaw and that too all on the same side and the rickshaw collapsed .. All that we did was get up and laugh out loud ...

When we were almost near Garima's house her brother was on his way back and told us the house was locked and their mom had gone out.. After a bit of pondering over we headed to Ramya's place, had a fun time and got back to school by noon.

Every time it rains this incident pops up in my head and and so does the smile on my face thinking of the fun times we always had :)


sheila said...

sweet memories always spreads a smile :)

Asha said...

It really feels good to get drenched in old memories every now and then.Ain't it?