Friday, 30 April 2010

The week that was ..

The last one week has been totally hectic .. hectic to the level I hardly visited any social networking site.. the only reason I went to FB and twitter were to find the authors of the base paper, which we are using for our engineering project to check if we could get any guidance from them..

With the final internal review getting over yesterday and jus the external review to go on in a couple of days .. I'm finally relaxing , a much needed break I would say ..

Chilled out at Blitz cafe, Anna nagar last evening - didn't like the place much, I don' suggest it to anybody as long as your there for hookah..

Drove to college .. loved driving the i 20 :) .. After some chilling out have to get going for the next 2 days until we are done with the last and the final review on monday .. All is well that ends well :)


akanksha said...

Good one! Quite an action pack week u had!!!

Tk cr
And Keep blogging!

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


True .. but teh last couple fo days seem to have been a relaxing one :)