Thursday, 22 October 2009

Diwali celebrations ...

The weekend right after our practical exam and jus' before our model exam could commence was Diwali .. but that didn't stop us from having fun ..

Diwali fell on saturday but the fun began right from wednesday when my practical exam got over .. shopping for sweets .. standing in long queues .. then getting to know that the gift pack you ve been looking for has jus' run out of stock .. Well, probably we should change the saying from it sold out like hot cakes to .. it sold out like diwali sweets .. such was the demand for sweets in all stores in the city ..

After repeatedly visiting for another 2 days we got our stuffs .. made some savouries at home .. and came to know that friday was a holiday too ..

I had a lunch invitation to one of my friend Garima's place on friday .. a whole bunch of us were there at her place since noon till evening eating .. snacking .. gossiping .. playing ... playing .. n more playing .. this set us into the full festive mood ..

Got back home only to find myself all tired and worn out and wanting to hit the bed .. but that didn' stop me from doing the rangoli which i had planned to do for Diwali ( will put up the pic soon) ..

Diwali day started on a very traditional way visiting friends and relatives .. distributing sweets and since early evening it was time for us friends to get together at my place and this time it was for bursting crackers and to dine out .at Thali corner for some traditional north indian food.. Ah! its total fun when family and friends get together :)

Sunday saw us all getting together for lunch again at Palki ( jus' the post diwali celebration ;) )
guess this would be my last diwali with this bunch of friends since we are in the final year of college and most of us would be moving to different places .. So, we saw to it we had as much fun as possible .


Vasanthan said...

I guess it was a great Diwali celebration then. sadly i spent mine working. :(

Team Kailash Online said...

Wish all of you a happy and prosperous Diwali.May this Diwali bring lots of happiness to your life