Monday, 8 June 2009

Adventurous weekends ..

My last two weekends have been pretty much a thrilling experience , though I knew my last weekend was going to turn out to be that way , this weekend came up a s a shock.

First, my last weekend
This time over for the vacations we were asked to completely vacate the hostel as our college some renovation plans for the hostel and they didn't want the students to leave behind their stuff . This turned out to be such a messy situation in the hostel expecially during exams running around hunting for carton boxes, getting all your stuffs into it and it was even worse for those of them from various other parts of the country coz they can't be carrying so much stuff back and forth along with them.

So few of them decided to courier few big bags and most of the other stuffs were dumped into an apartment where few of my friend's stay. Well, I didn't have much of these prob. since my home was conveniently located in Chennai.

So, I was out there helping few of my friends move their luggage to the apartment and this is how we did it ..

Whaat fun we had in the car .. LOL! This is one of those moments that I would cherish in my college life :)

This weekend is again to do with the car but not on a very positive note .. My parents, I and my friend D were planning to check out laptops, so we thought we could head to E-zone close to OMR Road . Sometime a little before noon we started form my place and the car was not proper , before even we could move it out of our flats we encountered that there was some prob and we decided on taking the other car , that s when I opted to drive it to the place.

Things were going pretty fine and I was even thrilled that I could use the fourth and fifth gear driving in Chennai, don' really remeber using them in the recent past. It was on the roads of Tidel park that I was trying to contain the excitement of my driving skills , as the lanes were beautiful and that's one place I love driving in the Chennai city and a little later I found the music system stopped functioning and then the A/C and after a while I couldn' honk either ..

I jus' thought this was fine and we jus' put down our windows and continued only to realise a little later that something was wrong with the speedometer as well. So, I jus' went ahead to stop the car in a corner and I'm happy I did that as teh car didn't strt therafter .. what if it had got stuck in some signal :D .. After a little bit of hushingand pushing we decided to take autos and there we were finally at the shop :)

We've decided on a Sony Vaio 14' inch , 2GB ram, 160 gb hard disk with Vista business . I'm pretty much excited about my new laptop thou' my old one has been a darling to me for the last four years.

Hoping my weekdays are as much fun too ;) Have a great weekahead ppl :)


Arv said...

kewl one.... stay happy and safe :)

Vasanthan said...

all these driving experience will train you to be a better driver.

sony is cute but , always didn't like their configurations.
bte i am getting a laptop this week. Its a Netbook to be exact, and its the Great Singapore Sale right now and there is a IT show as well.

i need something small that i can bring to office. i am getting a ASUS EEPC.

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Thanks :) you too!