Friday, 28 November 2008

Chennaiyil oru mazhai kalam / Torrential rainfall hits Chennai

Its been raining on and off (but heavily) for the last 3 to 4 days in Chennai. I also went around clicking pics to post it up here but unfortunately I'm not able to find my data cable to transfer the pics *sigh*.

Chennai is floating *literally* , in some parts of Chennai the stagnated water reaches the windows of the car leaving the situation very uncomfortable for commuters. Even most companies have declared holiday today...

In such a lovely weather ( I'm more of a summer person thou' I like the chill weather) I jus' can't get myself to go and study for my forthcoming exams . I'm sure most of you would agree as to how hard it is ;) . Two exams have been postponed and we are in a skeptical position unknowing as to when these exams will be held .. Neverthless, now its the time to relax and enjoy the weather.. So, what have I been doing the last few days

  • Rolling in the bed
  • On the phone all day long
  • flipping through news channels to get updates of the terror attacks in Mumbai
  • Listening to music
  • reading a book
  • all this along with being online :)

I jus' hope it was holidays so that I continue doing all the above without the sense of guiltiness :D

So, what have you Chennaietes been upto?? And for the others what would you love to do on a rainy holiday? :)


whAt A LiFe said...

I guess i would probably be lazying around and munching on something. Watch TV and sleep lah, that's best thing to do during a rainy day. hehe.....

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Same pinch :p