Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Back to the daily grind

Im back to my daily routine after a month of vacation. Thou' I have not really been looking forward to get back to college and move into the hostel, the move hasn't been all that bad.

Its been fun in college for the last few days, met my friends after a long holiday. This semester is one of those fun semesters I would say. As we will be having our national level tech fest sometime around next month and after that will follow our so called Industrial visit, which is more like a fun trip.. Looking forward to all of these and ofcourse its the festival time again.

On the other hand a bad news is that I met with an accident last week in my college, when a bike hit me while crossing the road. I'm perfectly fine, it wasn't a major one thou'. I'm surprised that I had jus' a few bruises after my fall as a few of my friends who were there around commented saying they thought they should take me in a strecher, looks like I fell off badly and scared them all ;)

When I had my vacations starting I had posted my to do list for the vacation, now lets see how much of it I've actually taken up.

These are the things I have planned to do in my vacation

1. Clean my room
2. Meet up with my school friends
3. Attend the Chennai bloggers meet,get to know a few fellow bloggers (I'm excited!)
4. Start with my internship
5. Learn a new language
6. Try out some new restaurants that have come up recently
7. Catch up with all the good movies thats been released and also download the list of movies which I have always wanted to see.
8. start with my travel blog and start posting regularly in my other blogs as well.
9. Finish reading the books that i shopped in the last few months
10. Shop for clothes for my next semester
11. Go for an eye check-up ( ya, I did this today)
12. Get in touch with a few of my school pals
13. Watch lots of Travel and Living
14. Plan for a short trip somewhere to close by destination with my family
15. Prepare for CAT/GMAT
16. Prepare for business quiz contests.

Not bad, guess I ve managed to complete most of them :).

My heartfelt apologies to all my readers who had been here to read my Monday morning inspiration for the week and found none. I had to move to my hostel and had no proper internet for the last few days.. I'm so sorry. Looking forward to the coming moday where I can inspire you all :)


Vasanthan said...

i am very sorry to hear about your accident.get well soon OK. try to visit a clinic or hospital every day just to change dressing, that way you will recover faster.

Thank god it was not serious.

btw if u want to learn a new language why not learn Mandarin i can teach it to you.

Navin Ck said...

don worry u didnt post ur MMI, all your post ae inspiring only, so don feel bad bout it..

--xh-- said...

glad 2 hear that u escaped unhurt... that is lot of things u managed to do during the holidays.. :)

Lena said...

that was a long list and you managed almost all, good work!!! :)

Shalini Gowrisankar said...


Yea, thank god it wasn't anything major :) I'm doing perfectly fine now. Thanks for your concern :)

@Navin ck

That made my day.. Thanks! :)


Yea, I'm surprised too abt how I managed to complete most of them :)


Yea Lena. I'm glad that I spent my time a little wisely this holidays :)