Tuesday, 13 November 2007

My diwali week in a nutshell

Diwali this year was special to me in more ways than one..

Let me start with 5 days before diwali and how it all proceeded ..

3rd of November was the final day of dance practice - Practice session for the diwali function in my flats , it was so much fun and enjoyed myself to the hilt as I love dancing .. It was also a day when all kids in my flats started with bursting crackers , I was only a spectator and was taking care of few small kids as they were all too excited on bursting crackers , there were also a few morons who made me run around the flat scaring me with lighting lakshmi vedis (one kinda cracker) in their hand and threatening to throw it on me.. huff.. at last I ran home :P ..

4th of November was my mom's bday and also the day for the diwali party to be hosted in my flats... Altogether it was so much fun.. Got my mom her favourite chocolate as she did not want any gifts .. In the evening was the much delayed dance program as our choreographer got stuck in the traffic jam due to rain and he had all the songs for the program.. Neverthless it was so much fun even if it started a little late.. I was really worried if the program would be held as it was raining heavily.. But, thank god it stopped pouring by noon..

The best part of the day was when an old lady in my flat came and appreciated my performance. Thou' there were many others who appreciated , I felt really honored when an aunty whom i know brought this grandma to me and said she wanted to appreciate you for your performance and meet you.. I was just so happy and I jus' realised that when we put our heart and soul into the thing we do , the outcome is always good and never goes un recognised..

5th of November was a day for shopping gifts and sweets for friends and relatives.. My mum and grandmom did all the shopping as I mom made me stay at home and study for the coming exams :(

6th and 7th of November was spent distributing sweets to people in my flats after returning from college..

8th of November ...WOW... Was Diwali... and ...... there was another surprise waiting for me .. my aunt gave birth to a baby boy (Diwali release .. :D) .. I was so excited and so wanted to go see the baby.. But they were in my native place and we had also invited people over for diwali so we had to post pone the plan of making a trip to my native.. In the noon we had a family friend over at our place and went out for lunch.. In the evening there were few others who dropped in to convey wishes and at the end of the day we started with bursting crackers and so much fun it was... I initially thought I wouldn't be much interested in bursting them as I ve grown up and no more a kid and all that but I still like bursting them and get excited sometimes too :D

The superhit cracker with the people in my flats this time was the 100 shots.. You light it once and there are 100 rockets which start decorating the sky one by one ... It was an evening of colors and lights..

10th of november we hit the road.. Started to my native place to see the baby boy ( my cousin brother) I have never seen a baby of 2/3 days old , so was all excited in holding him and looking at his pink tender fingers... They haven't named him yet , so we were also discussing about the different names we could name him .

Hope you all had a lovely diwali too .. :)

P.S: Sorry for not posting Monday morning Inspiration for this week had some prob with my internet connection . You can surely look forward for it the next week


Drama Div@ said...

Happy belated Diwali. Best wishes for the coming year to you and your family... (p/s: I'm sorry for the late diwali wishes)

tulipspeaks said...

sounds like u had a wonderful time!! good for u!


shashi said...

seems u had a great diwali....

Aarthi said...

Hey thats really nice that you still enjoy playing with crackers..and even we used to have that Diwali party with all dance n singing going arnd in our flat...but not now...miss all those fun..

Aarthi said...

Hey shalini I hav tagged you..do chk out my recent blog...:)

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

@ Drama Diva

Thanks DD :) Wish you the same too :)


Yes, indeed :) Hopr you had a wonderful time too :)


Yup, this time it was special in more than one ways , so felt 24hrs were not sufficient :)


Thanks gal :) Hope you get to enjoy new year with all celebrations.. I used to celebrate diwali in myold flats with all dance and music.. But having moved into a new flat for the last couple of years this is the first time I participated.. Had a blast :)

Will surely drop by your blog soon :)

whAt A LiFe said...

Glad that you had a wonderful diali celebrations.

And congrats for becoming akka.


gundumama said...

//Got my mom her favourite chocolate as she did not want any gifts/

Most of the time its the love that makes mom happy than the monetory value of the gift we give. I hope she loved the chocolate very much than ever before, bcos it was from someone spl this time. :)

BTW nice way to celebrate the festival. Convey my greetings to the mom & son (new born baby - diwali release :D).

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

@Shanthini akka

Thanks a lot for your wishes. Hope you had a lovely time too :)


That's so true.. the value of the gift is nothing compared to the thought with which you give the person .. Yup,she liked the chocolate very much :)
Thanks for your wishes :)