Monday, 30 November 2009

Some people some moments .. # 1

After so much speculation I have finally decided to come out with this post. I jus' have so much to write and my speculation was all about which to write first .. and finally decided on this one.

It was jus' another random evening when I got a call from friend D.

D: Hey, Wasup?
Me: Nothin' much, jus' online doing a post on my travel blog. What you doin ?
D: I'm in Hot breads , getting loaves of bread
Me: oh ok.. Mom asked you to get ?
D: no, im getting it .. I'm planning to prepare a dish today
Me: oh ok what ?
D: Sandwich
Me: Cool .. have fun ..

He calls again after half an hour

Me: Are you done making the sandwich ??
D: Yup, its in the grill now .. thats y called u .. ok I got to go now. c ya ..

He calls again after 5 mins

D: hmm.. yum! the sandwich is too too good, one of the best I ve ever had.
D: I'm gonna have the entire loaf all by myself.
Me: great! so what all veggies did u use ?
D: capsicum, tomatoe, boiled corn kernel, olives and some baby corn
Me: (thought to my self - not bad ! ) oh ok .. Where s the sandwich for me ?
D: I ll get you tomorrow :)
Me: Ahh! sure ! thanks :)

(The next day)

Me: Hey what you doin ? how come ur up so early ?
D: I'm making sandwich will come and give you in sometime
Me: Cool .. (smiling to myself)

After about an hour D comes and gives me the sandwiches he s made.

Me: thanks da.. thats so sweet of u!
D : my pleasure .. don' forget to heat it before eating , it tastes better that way..
Me: sure!
D: ok i gtg .. c ya

My first bite into the sandwich , the second bite .. yummmmm .. it was indeed very very good! Like D said one of the best sandwiches I ve ever tasted...

(pics coming soon)

Now, guess what this led to ?? This hurt my female ego deeply and the next 2 days saw me doing khakra and aloo paratha and for a first timer it turned out to be pretty good. Years of shouting from my grand mom and mom asking me to learn to cook which saw no improvement from my side .. has finally been changed by this piece of sandwich .. Finally, everyone including me is happy that I finally cooked !

P.S: I hope you guys like my new template, I found this template very apt to go with the christmas and holiday mood :)

Monday Morning Inspiration # 81

Mary and Susan were friends for years. They grew up together and attended the same schools. They were now both in their 40's, and both had great careers. They both had a similar upbringing - same education, same family values, similar support and financial position. But there was one main difference. Mary never seemed to have enough time. She watched her life long friend Susan. She had similar responsibilities and interests. Susan had a career, she had three children, she had her hobbies, one of which included golf. Over lunch, Susan was telling Mary about the golf game that she played last weekend.

"Susan, where do you find the time to play golf?" asked Mary. "I never seem to have the time, now with the children older and doing there own thing I thought I would have time to play golf like we did when we were in college."

Susan looked at Mary and laughed, "Mary, we both have the same hours in a day. You do have the time to play golf!"

With a sigh Mary replied, "That's easy for you to say. I never seem to have time. My work takes so much of my time. I am in the office at 7:30, I leave at 6:30 in the evening. By the time I get home and have dinner, it is 8:00! And, then I usually have a briefcase full of work. The weekends are full of more work. Just to keep up, I have to put in the hours. You know what it is like!"

"Of course, I know what it is like," Mary said. "But what would happen tomorrow if you got sick? Who would do the work?"

"Sick. Who has time to get sick! exclaimed Mary. "But if I did get sick, someone else would do the work, I suppose."

"You know something, Mary, I used to be like you. I worked night and day and of course on weekends. When I got home I was exhausted but I would push myself and read my children a bedtime story. By the time I went to bed, I would be more than exhausted. The boss I had was very demanding. She was there early in the morning, late at night, and she always worked weekends. I felt I had to do the same - I needed the job to help support my family - just as you did. But then I had a change of bosses. The man I worked for was older and much wiser, I might add! Of course, I continued to work the hours I had been working. One day he came to my desk and passed me a card that had a quote on it which said, 'What I do today is important, because I will never have today again' - then he left.

I sat there stunned. I suddenly thought of what was important to me. While my work was important, I realized my children were more important. I also realized that time for me was important. It was 4:30, the official closing time of the office. I straightened my desk, felt a twinge of guilt about leaving, but I forced myself to leave. I was home by 5:00. My children and husband were surprised. I had a wonderful evening. It was not a chore to read that bedtime story that evening."

Mary was looking at her friend thoughtfully and then questioned Susan about the work she had left on her desk.

Susan replied, "I never thought this possible, but I actually accomplished more the next day then I had in weeks. As I was leaving the next day I stopped at my new boss's office and thanked him for the quote. He told me a story about advice his dad had given him many years ago when he was working night and day. He referred to it as 'Balance of Life'. His dad told him to keep balance in his work, in his family life and in time for himself. He explained to me, while all aspects of our life are important, without a balance, you become addicted and like all addictions you lose .

Mary smiled at her friend, "Thanks for talking with me. We have been friends for so long. Thank heavens I have balance with your friendship! You have convinced me. I will leave the work in my briefcase this weekend. On Monday, I will make the list first thing. Perhaps next weekend, I will have the time to go golfing with you!"

"Balance of Life" - important for us ALL!

- Catherine Pulsifier

I am so glad that my family and friends know this Balance of life so well and my upcoming movie reviews are a result of this :)

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Thursday, 26 November 2009

Remembering 26/11

With every down fall comes the perseverence to become stronger and act to the best of your abilities to emerge successful. I'm sure our nation has only become stronger from the aghast 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai which exactly started on this very day last year and lasted for 3 dreadful days.

May the soul of all the brave souls who lost their lives in this mishap R.I.P.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

HOLYdays Wohoooo !! - 1

Finally and officially my holidays have begun. With jus' one day gone I'm already done with eating at 3 different eateries.

The time my exams got over we decided on visiting Mahindra City which is a good 10km away from my college and the first sight of the place ..OMG!! I still can't believe we were in Chennai or rather India .. We decided on going there for lunch but here I have much more to talk of the place rather than jus' going there to eat.

Mahindra city is HUGE and VERY well maintained.I'm already thinking of going there another time jus' to have a look at the place. Now getting into the the real reason we were there for.

Bunch of four hungry kids(??) set right into the food court that caught our eye with its Pizza hut outlet, we didn't find the other outlets very appealing. After treating ourselves to yummy pizzas which were such a delight to our taste buds after tasting IS this pizza?? kinda dish in our beloved college ..

Now it was time for desserts. We headed to the Wings - Taj Cake shop (My and Dhruv's favourite pastry shop in the city, more so coz of the memories we share of the place from the time we were kids). After the Chocolate truffle , Noughat pastry and some fruit salad.

It was time to get back home as we have had a surprise bday planned for our friend Richa who had a train to catch the same night.

This got me thinking !!

Was in a conversation with dad this evening and he reminded me telling that this might be my last semester vacation with me graduating in May 2010. huff! time jus' flies ...

P.S: This post is jus' the first sequel of what I'm upto in my holidays.. Since a lot of things have been happening at my end I'm jus' planning to post it as a sequel.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

The holiday mood is setting in ..

With jus one more exam to go and that too a not so tough one I'm already into the holiday mood. Last evening was out with my parents for dinner. After hunting all over Khader Nawaz Khan road for the newly opened Chinese restaurant "White Pepper" which we eventually couldn' find , we settled in for New Yorkers (this is one of my favourite place in the city for its sizzlers). But their Pizzas are a huge let down.

This morning I was in a conversation with my friend D talking about the Oh! so many new eat outs I came across in Khader Nawaz Khan road and there we go again making plans on where to go and what to eat.. This vacation will also see a lot of my relatives flying down to Chennai and this is gonna increase the fun quotient for my vacation :)

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Dirt devil holiday buying guide

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Dirt Devil. All opinions are 100% mine.

With the holiday season getting closer most of us are already expecting friends and relatives visting our place. With the fun and excitment comes the dreaded task of cleaning our homes and putting the right things at the right place. That sure is gonna turn out to be a nightmare.

If jus' the thought of cleaning makes you wonder as to where you kept your dirt cups, hand vacs and brush rolls after your last clean up like the way I did, worry no more with the Dirt devil holiday buying guide already out. This guide actually helped me in buying the right kind of upholstrey that I will be needing depending upon the type of cleaning I was planning to do and the stuffs that I already had.


The holiday deal also comes with a variety of gifts which would suit anyone in your family. It is an easy to use holiday buying guide which has close to 300 ways by which you can save on your online shopping. That is not all there is also shortcuts to avail free shipping of the products.

Now, you don't have to spend time and fuel going to the store to make your purchases. It is all just a click away and this online shopping experience comes with loads of benefits.

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Totally Impressive !!

Saturday, 14 November 2009

What am I upto ??

Enjoying the rain that's been hitting the Chennai city on and off over the last couple of weeks .. Saw a movie on TV last evening (Dhaam Dhoom) .. Went to Mc D for lunch with friends .. Full time in FB .. Resuming my blogging skills with a new post in my travel blog .. Blog hopping .. Playing Farm ville .. Waving trying to figure out how to use google wave.. catching up over phone with my old school buddies ..Downloading and listening to all new song releases

In case your wondering im on vacation. No, I have my semester exams going on and what better time to appreciate good movies , music , food and the other finer aspects of life :)

The new wave ..

Ah ! there I am finally in Google wave .. Well, for almost a week now I have been so obsessed about getting an invite to google wave and finally got one yesterday and since then been trying to figure out how to use it ..

I'm jus too lazy at the moment and time doesn permit me to (coz of my on going sem exams) to watch the looooong video about Google wave which runs close to 1hr and 20 mins.

Those of you already in wave .. I have a doubt .. Are you able to send invites already coz I don' really see any facility to be able to invite other friends ?? or rather I haven't found out yet ..

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

I love it this way !

Waking up from a peaceful sleep .. getting out of your sheets .. rainy day .. hot tea .. news paper .. Ah .. bliss!

This is how my day began :) .. a hearty welcome to the torrential rainfall that s been drenching the Chennai city since yesterday .. I love rain !

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Peranmai - Movie review

**spoiler alert**

Jayam ravi (Dhruvan) plays the role of a forest incharge officer , he basically is from the family of mountain tribes and has grown to become the officer he is now. He trains a group of NCC cadets (girls) of which 5 of them are selected to go into the forest.

During which they encounter foreigners entering their forest (which they assumed to be a virgin land inaccessed b human beings) later they find out that the intention of the foreigners is to prevent India from launching the satellite that they have planned to ..

How they go about exploiting the plan and how jayam ravi along with his group of 5 girls fight to save their nation's satellite launch sums up the movie.

It is one if the good movie from kollywood that has hit the screens in recent times. Everyone s acting is appreciable and the way the movie has been taken is beautiful and vey realistic :) A must watch I would say.